Seminar with Royce Gracie

KC Czech, Tyler Lowell, Shane Bowe, Royce Gracie, Sarah Linn, Steven Fick, Aaron Swenson

Steven, KC and Aaron had the absolute pleasure and honor of attending a Brazilian Jiujitsu seminar with one of the all time greats. Famed martial artist, MMA fighter and BJJ pioneer Royce Gracie. This event was hosted by our friends at Nordic Warriors Boxing Academy & Freya’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alexandria and we would like to thank them for hosting such an amazing event.

Steven earned his Brazilian Jiujitsu blue belt from Diego da Costa of GF Team, and is currently training under Jason Natal. KC Czech is a student and team member of Fargo Brazilian Jiujitsu. Aaron cross trains in Brazilian Jiujitsu at American Combat Academy.