Sawyer Bohn and Mitchell Hansmeier earned their Yellow Belts!

Sensei Diego, Sensei Vinnie, Sawyer, Mitch, Steven, Joe and Sensei Dave.

Congratulations to Sawyer Bohn and Mitchell Hansmeier for earning their yellow belt. They both have worked really hard to get the new strap around their waists.

Sawyer started with us through the NDSU class and stuck it out through all the covid shutdowns and campus shut downs and kept coming back for more. His promotion was long overdue, but despite everything he stuck it out and earned this for sure. We greatly appreciate his dedication and know he has a bright future in Judo.

Mitch started with Red River Judo about 3ish months ago thanks to a referral from his friend KC and took the sport with great fervor. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn is great to see. Great work Mitch!

Congrats to both of you!