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Entering Red River Judo

Membership in the adult Red River Judo Club evening classes is open to people 16 years and older.  We have accepted people as young as 14 years of age but expect them to act maturely so as to be able to train as adults.  We have a kids program which holds classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm.  Other than this there is no discrimination based on age, sex, or ethnic identity.

Prospective adult class students will be considered after they have observed one practice session.

Purchase of a proper uniform will be expected of all students.  The uniforms are available at reasonable prices through the club.  Although purchase through the club is by no means required, the advice and measurement for size by knowledgeable club members is highly recommended.

The uniform is called a Judogi.  Judogi are made from a heavy cotton fabric, especially reinforced for grappling.  A karate or TKD uniform is not strong enough for judo.  A white uniform is required for beginners.  Special blue uniforms are for competition and are not to be worn by beginners.  White uniforms are available for purchase from Red River Judo and cost $50.

Men should consider wearing a supporter and shorts, or a pair of shorts with a supporter built in. Running shorts or compression shorts are commonly used by men in the class.

Women should wear a t-shirt and/or a compression shirt under their Judo uniform. A sports bra is suggested.

Men can also wear t-shirts under their uniforms for practice.  T-shirts are traditionally white but any t-shirt will do for practice.  If you wear a t-shirt with a message please make sure it is in good taste. Rash guard shirts can also be worn.

Please leave valuables in your car or at home.  No jewelry on the mat.

Red River Judo Rules and Etiquette

This is a traditional Judo club. All proper and traditional formalities associated with the practice of Judo will be observed by this club.  Acceptance of these rules and formalities is the minimal requirement upon which permission to practice is granted to the student.  The learning of respect for oneself, one’s fellow students, one’s instructors, the material accouterments of practice, and the human society that has generated all these, is an integral and important part of Judo training.  Of course, since we are learning and the techniques we are using are inherently dangerous, the strict adherence to the rules and formalities of the Dojo (Japanese for gymnasium/school) is especially important to safe practice.

No student should ever practice while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  Great care should be taken when using medications that can affect judgment or coordination (i.e. antihistamines, cold medications, or mood-altering drugs).  The best rule is when under the influence of chemicals, don’t practice.  Excessive use of or dependency on alcohol or drugs in private life is also discouraged as it reflects badly on Judo, the club, and the individual.  Such intemperance could become grounds for dismissal from the club.

It is considered wrong to use the knowledge you gain except in cases of real emergency, and then you should only do so sparingly.  In earlier days, vows or blood oaths were taken by students that they would never misuse their skill, and although this is not generally done today, the same principles should guide the student.

Proceed carefully. The movements that you are learning are dangerous if performed roughly.  Remember they were originally self-defense tricks practiced by the Samurai Warriors.

The best way to learn Judo is to never miss practice.  We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but continued, uninterrupted practice is the best way to get into shape and to learn Judo.

Finally, no student of Red River Judo is to demonstrate or teach Judo to anyone outside the club or to start their own club without the express permission of the chief instructor.

Failure to observe the standards of etiquette, safety, and deportment propagated by the club may result in dismissal from practice by the instructor.  In the unlikely event such disciplinary measures become necessary, the practice cannot be resumed without the permission of the instructor.  Should expulsion from the club result, all fees paid will be forfeited.


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