Updated Waiver!

Just a heads up, in case the recent email blast was missed. We are transitioning to Square Contracts to handle our Waiver electronically. The content of the waiver is largely the same, except for a couple grammatical errors corrected. Using electronic waivers saves time and processing, as well as helps with clarity of content. When we update the waivers, or waiver process, we do ask our existing members to complete the updated waiver. A link will be mailed out, from Square, to fill out the updated waiver. Please let us know if you run into any challenges with the updated waiver.

-Red River Judo Team

Red River Judo Updates!

Hello to the Red River Judo Family, and Community! 

As we are through the previous testing period, the Red River Judo staff would like to thank you all for your continued support through this trying time. The support that Red River Judo received, both in person and online, from the entire community was very heartening and greatly appreciated.  

Over the next few weeks, there are several changes coming that we wanted to make sure to share with the entire Red River Judo community.  

COVID Protocols – Despite the COVID Numbers continuing to decrease, until the City/State have lifted their protocols, we will continue to support all measures that keep our team safe. Red River Judo does strongly encourage community members to get vaccinated, if you choose too, as soon as it becomes available for the demographic you are in.   

Red River Judo Staff – Over the last several years, Red River has been managed by Dave Klier, Steven Fick and Melissa Fick. As some of you are aware, Dave has been stepping back from the day-to-day operations of Red River to focus on his education and professional growth. With that continued effort in mind, Sensei Dave is retiring from teaching and managing Red River Judo. All members of the Red River team fully support Dave in his endeavors and wish him all the best. Sensei Dave and Steven have asked Joe Jaszkowiak to come on board to assist with the running of the gym as well as interactions with our yudanshakai (Gentle Ways) and our governing bodies.  

The Current Red River Judo Management Staff is as follows 
Club President: Steven Fick  
Club Vice President: Joe Jaszkowiak 
Club Treasurer: Melissa Fick
Club Secretary/Social Media: Steven Fick  

The Current Red River Judo Teaching Staff is as follows:  
Instructors: Steven Fick, Joe Jaszkowiak 
Assistant Instructors: Aaron Swenson, JD Riel, Andrew Gill

Governing Body – Since Dave and Steven took over the management of Red River Judo, we have been associated with the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and the International Freestyle Judo Association (IFJA). This will not change with Sensei Dave Retiring. However, Steven and Joe, in addition to being members of the AAU/IFJA are also members of USA Judo and the USJA. We are currently working toward getting Red River Judo into good standing with USA Judo. The purpose of this is to allow for our students to have more opportunities to attend recognized events, seminars, and competitions. We are not requiring membership with any governing body currently; we want our team to have the most options available for their success. 

Class Schedule – The Class schedule will not be changing at this time.  

Gym Rates – The rates at the gym will not be changing at this time. Our rates are as follows:  
Full Time Student, 2 or more classes per week: $60 dollars per month 
Part time Student, 1 class a week: $30 dollars per month  

Red River Judo has almost entirely converted to electronic membership payments through the service “Square”. While very convenient, some members have reported a challenge to remember if they have paid for a month of training, and which month they paid for. In order to help with this confusion, we are going to begin emailing out Invoices to active members of Red River Judo. These invoices will be sent out once a month, on the first of the month, and will be due by the fifteenth of the month. Through this invoice, the member can choose to sign up for recurring payments if they would like. 

Red River Judo does not, and will not, require a contract for our members. We pride ourselves on having a low tuition, which allows for people of all financial backgrounds be able to train the sport and art we all love. With that in mind, we must encourage our members to be diligent about paying tuition. As was said by one of our members, “Red River operates on a shoestring and one or two members not paying their tuition makes all the difference”.  

Thank you all for your continued support. If you, or your family, has not trained in a while, please remember the door is always open. If you, or your children, are training with us regularly, you are the reason for what we do. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.  

Warm Regards,
-The Red River Judo staff

Aaron Swenson promoted to Nikyu

Sensei Diego, Sensei Vinnie, Aaron, Steven, Joe and Sensei Dave

Congrats to Aaron Swenson for Earning the rank of Nikyu. He and JD have stepped up so much over the last year and we greatly appreciate all he has done. His drive to learn and grow in the martial arts has never waned and we look forward to his continued grown. Congrats Ay-Ay-Ron!

JD Riel promoted to Brown Belt

Sensei Diego, Sensei Vinnie, JD, Steven, Joe and Sensei Dave

Congrats to JD Riel on his promotion to brown belt. JD has been a stalwart presence at Red River since joining. He has been a great help and an amazing addition to the Red River Judo family. We cannot thank him enough for all he has done. Thank to you JD and congrats on this well earned promotion.

Sawyer Bohn and Mitchell Hansmeier earned their Yellow Belts!

Sensei Diego, Sensei Vinnie, Sawyer, Mitch, Steven, Joe and Sensei Dave.

Congratulations to Sawyer Bohn and Mitchell Hansmeier for earning their yellow belt. They both have worked really hard to get the new strap around their waists.

Sawyer started with us through the NDSU class and stuck it out through all the covid shutdowns and campus shut downs and kept coming back for more. His promotion was long overdue, but despite everything he stuck it out and earned this for sure. We greatly appreciate his dedication and know he has a bright future in Judo.

Mitch started with Red River Judo about 3ish months ago thanks to a referral from his friend KC and took the sport with great fervor. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn is great to see. Great work Mitch!

Congrats to both of you!