Red River Judo

Red River Judo was founded in 2002 by Vern Borgen. Professor Borgen taught Judo at North Dakota State University since 1979. At Red River Judo we practice Kodokan Judo and several other styles of Judo.

A Tremendous and Dynamic Sport

Judo is a tremendous and energetic combat sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline.

Judo is a dynamic sport that involves grappling, gripping and throwing our opponents to the mat. Once there, we can pin our opponents or make them submit with powerful strangles and sudden joint locks.

Judo is as much a sport as it is an art. And through the practice of both the sport and the art, a person can find growth in their self confidence, physical fitness and personal achievement. Everyone’s journey through life is their own, make Judo part of yours.


Red River Judo is a proud member and supporter of the following organizations: